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Eclectic, culturally sparkling and with a wild spirit. She is the creative mind of our family.

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Fascinated by beauty, carefree but not careless, she is deeply passionate about her life and her work.

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Quietly talkative and reflective. He encompasses all our history.

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With an introspective spirit, she is constantly on the move, between her travels and readings, in search of enrichment.


A fine portico with pointed arches, wooden shutters and wrought iron balconies: this is what Browning Street is. The Damini Jewelry Store completes this charming and famous street, dedicated to the poet Robert Browning, who was bewitched by Asolo, when he first arrived on foot directly from Venice.


Fiorella, Enio and Bobo Damini rigoursly select the finest jewellery and watch brands for their store. This meticulousness derives from the passion they also put into having fun while creating unique and tailor-made pieces, made by master goldsmiths.


“The story began in 1885, when Annibale Damini opened his goldsmith's shop in Cavaso...”

After three generations, it is Enio Damini who marked a turning point. He bought the most prestigious watch brands, refined jewels and beautiful pearls.

As a result, in the beautiful Store in Robert Browning street, the Damini Family can now guide you through the best watch brands (Franck Muller, Corum…), as well as through Pomellato and Chantecler jewels and enchanting pearls.

But that’s not it: at Damini’s, every accessory is seen in a very special and personal way.

This is the case of our silverware, for instance. At the store, you can find elegant and fine silverware, inspired by the Venetian aristocratic tradition. Each piece is handmade by artisans, who follow ancient fusion, hammering, repoussé and chasing, and finishing techniques.

Moreover, for every woman who wants to feel daily like a queen, at Damini one can find the precious crowns “You are my Queen”: white gold jewels with white and black brilliants, inspired by the shape of royal families’ tiaras.

Equally original is also the collection dedicated to the city of Asolo: from the precious scarf to the “Asolo caput mundi” golden silver jewelry collection.

“The Damini Jewelry Store can be found in the most famous street of the city, via Robert Browning, the one in which the historical stratification and cultural memoirs are the most evident.

Founded in the 19th century as a goldsmith’s shop, the Store offers until nowadays professionalism to discerning, sophisticated and international clients, through the reworking and design of unique pieces, meant to be become “family assets”, in line with the reliability, discretion and expertise that distinguishes the Damini Jewelry Store since three generations.”

“In the Damini Jewelry Store, one can find the family safe, dating back to the 16th century: direct proof of four generations, who have worked and are still working in the same field. A family tradition of research and strong work ethic.

The Damini Jewelry Store is located in one of the most important streets of Asolo and is built in an original location, which reflects the traditional arched structure used by the Paleovenetis.

How could a safe, an important element of the family and an integral part of the Damini’s business since 1885, be missing in such a historically rich place? The safe dates back to the 16th century. It is equipped with original and perfectly functioning bolts and locks, and, with its massive presence, it symbolizes the solidity of the family expertise, based on a continuous search for improvement and a strong work ethic.

Some of the Damini collections are inspired by the bulky yet tender presence of the safe (in order to bring it in, a show window had to be dismantled) and by the love for the history of Asolo and its surroundings. For example, the “5 schei de mona” collection is made of coins, key chains and pendants, inspired by the shape of the last coin minted by the Serenissima Republic of Venice. The “Asolo Caput Mundi” collection, which includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings decorated with charm, illustrates Asolo together with world wide capitals’ outlines.

The family safe has also inspired the hand-decorated, pure silk scarf, introduced in 2012, illustrating Asolo and designed by the Damini’s, in order to offer tourists a unique souvenir of this magical place.